One of the nuisances joys of the @cade Twitter handle is a never ending stream of mis-mentions looking for someone else.

Oh weary traveler, maybe you meant one of these?


  • @cade_mays - college football sensation
  • @Cade_RP - honestly not sure if they are a person, but role playing folks inadvertently mention me a lot and they don’t find it amusing when I play along
  • @CadeFoehner - musician, American Idol alum
  • @CadeHildreth - former USA rugby player, entrepreneur
  • @CadeHolbrook - internet person, indisputable claim to fame: owns twitter
  • @CadeMaddoxXx - NSFW, gay porn star
  • @CadeMetz - NYT reporter/author
  • @cademusic - musician
  • @CadeRageous - internet person, CEO at Midboss
  • @CadeTrain9 - internet person, 6th generation rancher
  • Cade McNown - former NFL player, not on twitter as far as I can tell with a cursory search


  • @CADELab - University of Utah College of Engineering IT Support
  • @CADEWinery - Napa Valley Winery
  • CADE Museum - STEM museum in Gainesville, FL
  • Cades Cove - valley in Great Smoky Mountains National Park


  • @IndieCade - independent game developer organization

Cades are in alphabetical order, no precedence should be inferred.

Shoot me an email if you’re a fellow Cade and wish to be added to/removed from the list.