Hi I’m Cade, a pretty good engineer, neurodivergent, and want good things for you.


I build massive-scale internet thingies for a living and have many opinions about them. This blog is an attempt to share the war stories from along the way.

If you’d like me to help build cool stuff or simply tell people no (or yes if that’s your thing) within your organization, I’m really good at it and available for hire.


Why would I share my struggles?

I’m diagnosed with Bipolar I. It means I occasionally have periods of sustained hyperactivity. I’ve been battling it my entire adult life, and have gotten reasonably good at detecting and responding to it. I even have a software project to monitor my behavior and poke me when I might be manic that I’ll share if I ever get around to cleaning up the code.


I’ve been on the internet a long time, you can find me squatting cade or cadeef most places. Some more common ones (in alphabetical order):

  • Bluesky: cade.pro
  • Discord: cadeef
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: I don’t Facebook. My blood pressure is high enough without knowing the opinions of folks with whom I went to high school.
  • GitHub: cadeef
  • Instagram: cadeef
  • Mastodon: @[email protected]
  • Phone: I’m not averse to giving out my number, hit me up on another medium and ask nicely.
  • Pinboard: cade
  • Reddit: I’ve been on Reddit for about a decade and have cycled through easily a dozen usernames. I like to maintain semi-anonymity there, see if you can find me, it’s a fun game.


This website is lovingly maintained in git and statically built by Hugo.

Terms of Use

These here are the terms of use; a lawyer would gag, but I’ll retain one if it gets hairy. As lawyers like to say, govern yourself accordingly:

  • Be kind. We are all struggling to make our way in this world, empathy goes a long way.
  • Don’t be an asshole. It’s really not that hard. Should you sling insults, don’t be surprised when I sling back.
  • If you’re an asshole, I will make it difficult to read my content.


This is a personal website. I will NEVER sell or otherwise intentionally disclose your data.

Javascript is served from assorted CDNs. I’ll serve the content directly once removed from the theme.

Where are the comments?

I’ve chosen email as a feedback mechanism. I’ll usually provide a link in posts where I specifically solicit feedback.

Matter-of-fact, I have zero interest dealing with bots or your conspiracy theories. I won’t give air to ideas I find distasteful. Your screed about chemtrails, QAnon, or white nationalism is welcome but, be forewarned, I’ll publish anything I find amusing with attribution and commentary.

❤️ You deserve a hug. ❤️